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We are pioneering a unique, effective, and measurable approach to the management of low back pain.

Our product

LivaFortis has combined the latest wearable sensory technology with advanced AI algorithms to give you the insights you need to address the underlying issues causing low back pain. No more band-aids, or cover-ups. We get to the bottom of your pain and use the technology to improve mobility, reduce pain, and get you back to the business of living.

We have developed the
most personalized experience just for you.


Our technology

A brand new approach

LivaFortis is developing the perfect solution to give you access to the best care for low back pain relief because we believe that everyone deserves to live their lives to the fullest, with mobility and with minimal pain.

Based on international guidelines, we have placed
exercise, stress management, and healthy lifestyle choices at the very heart of our low back pain management solution.

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